Music Label

2017 23.0.4

Classify your music collection and find your music in one click


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Music Label manages all of your music files and creates different lists that classify your songs by artist or album, putting them in a logical order and making it easier and quicker to find your music.

Music Label not only will arrange the order of the music that you already have on your hard drive, it will also scan your CDs and find new songs or songs that are missing from your collection through a powerful search engine. This program does not limit the creation of databases nor is it limited by storage. It can store your entire music library, without slowing down operation, and it doesn't leave room for surprises, by creating backups so you won't loose your databases.

With Music Label, organize and catalog your collections in their own formats: MP3, CD, or vinyl. You only need to insert the CD or write the titles and all the information about your music will be instantly downloaded and you will know everything about it:

-Materials: covers and decks.
-List: tracks, musicians, studios, companies...
-General information: artist, title, genre, record label, year of release, website...
-Personal information: you can add comments, letters, prices, condition, location or anything that you want to remember.

Music Label also exports files in a wide variety of formats, so you can load your music on your mobile and always have it with you.
By Álvaro Toledo

Limited 14 day trial version.

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